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3 Happy Birthday Email Marketing Fails From Brands

Since It’s Your Birthday, Will You Buy Our Crap?  Monday was my birthday, and my email inbox was full of many happy birthday wishes from friends, family, and… brands!  There is nothing like getting a birthday wish from a company that I have at some point and time given my birthday...

Just Say No To Article Directories For Link Building and SEO

Just Because There Is A Shortcut, Should You Take It? Over the past few weeks, I have had many conversations with business owners. A lot have been small business, the mom and pop shop type. Let me just say that I feel as if they are deploying tactics from 10 years ago, and expecting quick and long...

Create World Class Customer Experience

When it comes to brands, who do you think of that always delivers on great customer service? For me, a few big ones come to mind; Disney, Amazon, Zappos, Nordstrom and Apple to name a few. These particular brands take “customer service” to the next level... they create an amazing customer...

Why You Should Implement Smarketing In Your Business

For as long as I can remember, sales and marketing departments have rarely gotten along. And today, in the age of inbound marketing, it absolutely baffles me as to why companies don’t align these departments better. Do Any Of These Statements Sound Familiar In Your Organization? Marketing...