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What is They Ask, You Answer?

They Ask, You Answer is a business framework with one obsession at its core: “What is my customer asking?” By focusing on 10 straightforward concepts, thousands of businesses are seeing the sales results they want from their inbound sales and marketing.

Is They Ask, You Answer right for your business?

In this 20-minute video, Marcus Sheridan will help you determine if They Ask, You Answer is a good fit for you and your company.

Marcus Sheridan: They Ask, You Answer

When you implement They Ask, You Answer at your company:

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You control your sales and marketing destiny

And no longer depend on an outside agency.

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Your sales and marketing teams reach their potential

And work as one unit.

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Your marketing finally generates more sales

As you attract more qualified traffic and leads.

Why They Ask, You Answer works

The 10 core concepts of They Ask, You Answer

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The Big 5

Five content topics areas that are sure to drive the most organic traffic, qualified leads, and quick sales.

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Assignment Selling

Learn to utilize content effectively in the sales process, from prospecting to closing, yielding better-educated prospects.

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In-House Content Management

A well-trained in-house content team is faster, less expensive, and better aligned with your organization’s needs


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Revenue Team

By combining marketing and sales teams into a single team, you’ll unite around what really matters: bringing in revenue.

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Learning Center

Your content has to be well-organized and easy to find on your website so that visitors can quickly access what they’re looking for.

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The Selling 7

The seven types of videos that help your customer build a relationship with your brand before they reach out to your sales team.

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Virtual Sales

From 1-1 video prospecting to sales call best practices, your team will flourish in a video-first business world.

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Self-Service Tools

Make buying from you easy with chat, scheduling tools, and more touchless customer experiences.

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Sales and Marketing Alignment

Unite your business around shared goals and core strategy so you can finally replace frustration with teamwork.

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Martech and CRM Adoption

Don’t just pay for the CRM platform, equip your whole team to use it correctly, end to end.

Real World Results from implementing They ask, You Answer

Your 3-Step Plan

The Journey That Lies Ahead

To establish your business as a trusted authority, a team that is coachable, and receptive to learning, growth, and hard work is essential. This transformative journey spans 12-24 months and demands your unflinching dedication and patience. If you seek instant gratification, this program isn't for you. 

The origins of They Ask, You Answer

In 2008, Marcus Sheridan’s Pool Business Was Failing

The Great Recession was spreading, and buyers were getting nervous. With mounting cancellations, his pool business, seemed like it wasn’t going to make it. But Marcus had heard about inbound marketing, and he decided to take matters into his own hands. He set out to answer customer questions — openly and honestly — on his company website.

River Pools Blog Article

Question First

Each night after work, he wrote detailed and transparent answers to every common customer question, problem, and concern he had ever heard. Soon, this content started driving traffic. Then, his sales reps started using it with prospects. Potential customers far and wide found their way to River Pools’ website, attracted by Marcus’ clarity and candor. They Ask, You Answer was born.

Marcus Sheridan - Pool Company

A Movement Was Born

Now, years later, Marcus preaches the They Ask, You Answer philosophy to companies all over the world, and he has written the bestselling They Ask, You Answer, which has been named the best digital marketing book of all time by Book Authority.

Today, thousands of businesses owe their success to Marcus’ framework that starts with a simple principle: If you obsess over your customers’ questions, problems, and concerns, and if you seek to educate and build trust, customers will buy from you. After all, trust is the common currency of all business.

Marcus Sheridan Speaking

Certified Coaches

Marcus and the team at Impact have a goal of educating, coaching, and training 10,000 businesses around the world on how to best learn and implement They Ask, You Answer.

In 2022, the Certified Coaching Partner Program was born in order to partner with more agencies and coaches to deliver on the mission of Impact.

Each coach, including Doc, went through 6-Months of training learning how to structure effective coaching of the They Ask, You Answer framework.

TAYA Badge They Ask. You Answer Certified Coach

Experience You Can Trust

Darin Berntson (aka Doc) has been in the digital marketing world for over 22 years, a Certified HubSpot Partner & Trainer for 11 years, and a certified They Ask, You Answer Coach.

One More Thing

Limited Coaching Slots Remain

Here at Bernco Media, it is our 100% commitment to give you and your business the attention it deserves, so there are only 5 available Small Business Coaching spots available for 2023.

If this is something you are interested in, schedule your discovery call today, and let's see if sales and marketing coaching makes sense. There is no pressure selling on this call, and worst case you leave with some great ideas you can do on your own.