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Pricing for Small Business

They Ask, You Answer Mastery

A specific coaching & training program for smaller companies, typically between $1.5M-$4M in revenue, who want to get started with They Ask, You Answer and own their marketing and sales in-house.

Invest in Your Business, Not an Agency.

With Small Business Mastery, you can expect:

World Class Coaching and Training for your marketing, sales, and senior leadership teams. Within the timeframe of your agreement, your team will master all the core concepts of They Ask, You Answer, including Content Marketing. Sales Enablement, Video Marketing, HubSpot, ROI Reporting, and more.

What else will I need to succeed with They Ask, You Answer Mastery?

Optional Add-Ons

They Ask, You Answer

Small Business Mastery Pricing FAQs

Below are a few of the questions we receive regarding our They Ask, You Answer Small Business Mastery coaching & training program.

What is a quarterly planning session?

What exactly does Bernco Media do?

How does Bernco Media structure coaching?

Does Bernco Media work with all businesses?

Are there businesses that should not work with Bernco Media?

Can you work in other languages and time zones?

What is Impact+?

One More Thing

Limited Coaching Slots Remain

Here at Bernco Media, it is our 100% commitment to give you and your business the attention it deserves, so there are only 5 available Small Business Coaching spots available for 2024.

If this is something you are interested in, schedule your discovery call today, and let's see if sales and marketing coaching makes sense. There is no pressure selling on this call, and worst case you leave with some great ideas you can do on your own.