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3 Killer Content Marketing Tips to Better Your Strategy

by Darin "Doc" Berntson on Jul 12, 2017 8:05:00 AM

Did you know only 30% of B2B marketers say their organizations are effective at content marketing (Source: HubSpot)?

With a growing emphasis on using content as a tool to reach and engage today’s digital consumer, it’s imperative that your strategy is actually working to yield favorable results. You invest a lot of time and effort into your content…let’s make sure it's achieving the outcomes you’re looking for in your inbound marketing.

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3 Things You Need to Know About Google AMP

by Darin "Doc" Berntson on Jul 5, 2017 8:00:00 AM

At a recent Salt Lake City HubSpot Users Group Event, a question came up about what is Google AMP, and why would you want to use it. 

So, I figured, let's address that question right here on the blog.

The “AMP” in Google AMP is an acronym for “accelerated mobile pages.” Introduced by the search engine giant in early 2016, AMP streamlines web pages and allows them to load faster on mobile devices like smartphones—four times faster according to some analysts.

That sounds great. But what does it mean for businesses trying to enhance their inbound marketing campaigns with more and better-qualified leads? Do you really need AMP?

Here are three things you need to know about Google AMP:

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The Zombie Apocalypse and Why Customer Support Representatives may be the Salespeople of the Future

by Darin "Doc" Berntson on May 4, 2017 8:04:00 AM


Like many people, I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead.

If you’ve never seen the show, (how is that possible?) it’s set after a zombie apocalypse where the undead infects humans, who then turn into creatures called walkers that roam around searching for people to eat and infect. 

I’ve got bad news: The same thing is happening to the good, old-fashioned, sales reps.

No, they’re not craving human blood and skin – though talking to some telemarketers and outbound salespeople, you’d think they were – but they are being transformed into a completely different breed of salespeople, and it's a scary sight to witness. It must change! Can we all agree?

Thanks to the rise of inbound marketing and what Forrester Research calls the Age of the Customer, the role of sales is changing dramatically.

Today’s reps need to focus more on solving problems and attracting prospects with a specific set of needs, instead of spraying out a sales message with cold calling and email blasts.

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Content Marketing That Always Works

by Darin "Doc" Berntson on May 2, 2017 12:33:37 PM

Evergreen content is content marketing that does not expire.

At least in the short-term.

Every content marketing campaign needs to have at its core, some level of evergreen content to reliably and continually develop leads and create customers. There are even proven evergreen content formats, some of those include:

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Are Your Inbound Leads Trapped and In Need of a Rescue?

by Darin "Doc" Berntson on Mar 28, 2017 8:30:00 AM

In a perfect world, inbound marketing works like a charm.

New prospects in your target audience are attracted to your site by great content, sign up to your list, and become customers.

Unicorns prance under rainbows, everyone holds hands and sings kumbaya, and we all live happily ever after. Unfortunately, us inbound marketers live in the real world, where we know the process isn’t always that smooth (and unicorns only exist in fantasy).

If you’ve been doing inbound for any length of time, you’ve probably experienced the sticky lead phenomenon, where prospective customers get trapped in one specific phase of the buyer’s journey like flies on inbound wax paper.

Let’s look at three common situations where inbound leads get stuck in the inbound process, then discuss how to fix them:

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When Should You Start Advertising on Facebook? Yesterday!

by Darin "Doc" Berntson on Mar 21, 2017 8:08:00 AM

What started as a network for Harvard students has grown into a ubiquitous social network used by people in every corner of the world. Farmers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, astronauts…they’re all on Facebook.

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One Obvious Reason No One is Opening Your Marketing Emails

by Darin "Doc" Berntson on Mar 16, 2017 10:26:39 AM

What awesome offer do you have to share via email marketing today?

It doesn't matter what your offer is!

Just before I finalized this post, I remembered "The Rock", and his crazy catch phrases from the WWE in the late 1990s - early 2000s. He would ask some jabroni "what's your name?" or and he would interrupt immediately with "it doesn't matter what your name is"

Well, let's bring out The Rock and have him ask you,  what do you think about your marketing emails?


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4 Tips To Convince Your Boss To Invest In Inbound Marketing

by Darin "Doc" Berntson on Mar 2, 2017 8:30:00 AM

Sometimes the toughest customer you’ll face is sitting is in an office down the hall.

Understanding a great opportunity for your business, like inbound marketing is one thing. Selling your boss on the idea is another.

You’ve done the research, checked the data and read the testimonials about how successful inbound marketing has been for others, and now you’re faced with the daunting task of convincing your boss to invest in this exciting new opportunity.

Don’t worry. Others have stood in your shoes, and you can learn a lot from their experiences.

To help you in your internal sales effort, here are four tips to convince your boss to invest in inbound marketing.

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Five Challenges of Inbound Marketing

by Darin "Doc" Berntson on Feb 9, 2017 8:12:00 AM

For many good reasons, a lot of companies are starting to focus on inbound marketing strategies to increase visibility and get more customers.

Compared to traditional outbound marketing tactics such as advertising, inbound is more economical for businesses and, from the standpoint of prospective customers, less intrusive, more personalized, and more educational.

At the same time, inbound marketing isn't quite as easy and straightforward as it first appears. 

Let's explore just five challenges of inbound marketing.

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Content Marketing: How to Boost Inspiration to Write Remarkable Copy

by Darin "Doc" Berntson on Feb 7, 2017 8:11:00 AM

A lot of times, sitting down at the computer does not always bring instant inspiration. Sometimes, a distraction gets in the way, or you do not know where to start when facing a new project.

In the world of content marketing, you have so many options. Whether you are working on a new eBook, a blog for the company website, or a sales email, making sure you dive into the depths of your audience is what is going to get people interested and bring customers to your website.

Here are five ways to inspire your content marketing journey from Aaron Orendorff's piece titled "20 Types of Evergreen Content that Produce Lasting Results for Your Business".

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