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3 Reasons To Always Create A Thank You Page

by Darin "Doc" Berntson on September 1, 2015

3 Reasons to Always Create a Landing Page

When it comes to executing inbound marketing properly, there are many steps that you just should not skip. 

One of those steps is creating a "thank you page" for your landing pages. In this post, we will discuss 3 main reasons you should always use thank you pages

Let's discuss the 3 reasons now...

1. Deliver Promised Content

A thank you page is a great, permanent page to have the instant delivery of your content. Sure, you can just send an email with your eBook attached, or just do an inline message with a quick thank you, and a link to download, but why not have a place on your website where you can track when that email is opened, and keep track of when your contact revisits your page to download it for the first time, or again? 

2. Provide Additional Content

Because you know the persona of who should have downloaded your content, as well as where they are in the buyers journey, you want to be able to deliver the option for additional content that they may be interested in, such as:

  • Blog posts
  • Other eBook offers
  • Video content
  • Demo requests
  • Have a salesperson contact them

It's kind of like asking your new lead if they would like to have some fries with their shake. What else would they be interested in since they just took you up on this offer?

A word of caution: Make sure whatever it is you are offering is closely related to the content they just downloaded. Avoid offering them something else that does not make sense. Also, be careful not to jump too far ahead in the buyers journey. If your content is awareness stage, it may not be the best idea to try to jump immediately to trying to close the sale (decision stage). You may need to offer up some additional awareness stage content, or maybe move them along to some consideration stage content. 

And that leads us to...

3. Move Leads Along The Buyers Journey

As mentioned above, the goal here is to offer additional content that will move your lead further along in their buyers journey. 

While you do not want to come across as pushy, you can offer additional content that may move them from awareness to consideration, or from consideration to decision, but as I mentioned above, do it with tact. Just because they downloaded that awareness stage eBook, does not mean you have the right to ask for the sale. 

Bonus Tips

Here are a few bonus tips for you to create a thank you page:

  1. When you publish your thank you pages, be sure to re-enable your main navigation to the page, so your visitors can visit other pages of your site.
  2. Add social media sharing buttons. You want your new lead to help you spread the word about your great content. Just be sure to have your links point to your landing page, not to you thank you page.
  3. Add your thank you page to your do not follow on your robots.txt file. You do not want Google ranking your thank you page where someone could just get your content without giving you their contact information.

Until next time...


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