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Inbound Marketing Prices

How Much Do Inbound Marketing Services Cost?

When It Comes To Internet Marketing, You Get What You Pay For!

There are so many small to medium sized businesses out there that can really benefit from doing inbound marketing. But, time and time again we chat with these businesses only to find out that they are already doing "internet marketing", "SEO", "social media", "PPC" or "marketing automation", but usually they are very unhappy with the results, or lack of results, and have no idea what is going on and just do not see the ROI.

Typically this is because small business owner Bob or Jane is subcontracting out to 1-5 different providers, and not one of them really cares about the results the business get's, they just want the money, and/or since there are so many parties involved, no one is on the same page and therefore not working on the same strategy and goals.

So, that leaves us, as an inbound marketers (the new name/game on the block), in a tough spot. We understand you are confused, or maybe have been taken advantage of before, but we are here to tell you this... THAT BS STOPS HERE!

Here on our pricing page, we want to give a range of what you can expect to pay for inbound services, but know, these are just examples. Each and every customer gets a customized strategy, so there is no one-size-fits-all pricing model.

Here at Bernco Media, we work with clients in the following ways:


HubSpot Consulting

Are you already a HubSpot customer, and maybe not getting all the benefit from the software? Do you need someone to come in and evaluate your installation, or even help you train staff? If so, we can help.

Pricing for this varies, as there are many factors, but know this, we are inbound and HubSpot certified partners, and our #1 goal is to help you get results.  

One Time Investment: $500-$2500 (or can be a part of monthly retainer)


Inbound Marketing Monthly Retainer

As a certified inbound marketing agency with HubSpot, we pride ourselves on being able to create a strategy that works based on the inbound methodology, and will do our best to deliver an ROI on your marketing dollars invested.

When we enter in to a retainer agreement, services rendered can be many, or they can be few, that all depends on your budget, ability to help, your goals, and how fast you want results. In fact, we wrote a blog post that breaks down some key factors that determines pricing.

Services may include:

  • Content creation
    • Blogging, eBooks, video, landing pages, webinars, etc
  • Social Media
    • Strategy, listening stations, engagement, policies, training, etc
  • SEO
    • On-page optimization, keyword research and more
  • Email marketing
    • Workflows, segmentation, list building, newsletters, etc
  • HubSpot consulting
    • Setup, coaching, maintenance, copy editing, training, administrative, etc

If you outsource most or all of the strategy and execution to us, of course your monthly investment will be higher. But, if we can help train you and your staff, and we can "insource" as much of the content production as possible, your biggest investment will be time (spread across many people), and your monthly retainer will be obviously less.

Monthly Retainer $2000-20,000/Month with a 6-12 month consulting agreement


Social Media Strategy & Execution

Social media is a HUGE factor in having success with inbound marketing. Not only from a content distribution standpoint, but also from a listening, engaging, and prospecting standpoint as well.

Social media is one of the only services that we offer a la carte, outside of a an inbound retainer( where it may be included).

Social media is a human business, and requires time, strategy and effort. We can help you plan your strategy, pick the networks you need to be on, and create a plan that will drive you the results that we both agree upon.

We pride ourselves in our social media work, and we do not work with companies who are just looking for a cheap solution to social. If you or your business really wants to create a social media strategy with goals outlined, and you want to work with an agency that is 100% transparent, and will report on progress in an easy way to understand, then contact us today!

Initial Strategy Investment $2500-4000 or

Monthly Retainer $1500-5,000/Month with a 6-12 month consulting agreement


Website: Conversion and Responsive Ready

Is your website generating you sales qualified leads each and every month, and is it your best salesman that is online 24/7/365? Is your website mobile friendly, optimized for mobile viewing, and search engine optimized (SEO)?

If yes, great. But I bet we can tune it up even more. If it's not up to snuff, then we may want to start planning a new website for your business, especially if we are launching an inbound marketing campaign.

You only have 1/20th of a second to impress your web visitor, or they may bounce right off your site. And if they stay, do you have your buyers journey mapped out internally, and are you offering them opportunities to convert as a lead wherever they may be on your site? These are all things that must be done on your website.

We are not your cousin Larry, and we will not build you the cheap "affordable" website for under $500. You will get what you pay for, and that website will cost you way more than $500 you spent in the end, because it did not drive you any business.

We only build websites that will do one thing, and one thing well, and that is convert visitors to leads, and leads to sales.

Pricing can vary on this as well, and it is obviously based on many factors.

Project Price or Terms $2500-$25,000


Workshops or Speaking at Your Event

Are you interested in having a content marketing workshop at your office, or are you looking for a speaker for your next event? If so, we would love to be a part of your next event.

Prices are factored on where, when and how long a speaker is needed for. If you are interested, drop us a line, and we can chat.

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