Who We Do Not Work With

It’s Hard, But Sometimes We Just Have To Say No, Not Right Now.

We love you, we really do. There is no doubt that you have a great company, and awesome product, some killer people on staff… but even then, there are specific reasons we have to say no to particular prospects.

We get contacted all the time from small businesses to large enterprise level companies looking for help with Inbound marketing consulting and implementation, but there are certain situations where we feel that we just can not bring any value to the table, so we have to say no.

Bernco Media will not work with companies or organizations if…

  • No buy-in from the top of the company: You may not have it now, and that is fine. We are here to help solve that challenge. But we always find it best that we have 100% complete buy-in from the top dog, the head honcho, the guy or gal in-charge! Trust us, without this buy-in, nothing will work! And we mean nothing.
  • You are looking for the cheapest solution: There has to be a Taco Bell of internet marketing out there somewhere. But, there is no value menu here. We deliver results that are planned, measured, and in the end deliver an ROI for your business. At the end of the day, is that not what we all want?
  • You know more than we do… smarty pants: What we mean is, you can not handle constructive feedback, and only see things your way. Look, we know you know your business better than anyone… but guess what, we know Inbound marketing. If your organization feels the need to battle on every strategic plan, we won’t have any fun working together. But, if you are eager to learn, implement and rock your marketing… let’s talk!
  • You want to just outsource all of your marketing, and collect the benjamins: Look, Inbound marketing is a complete team effort. Not just our team working with you, but how well your internal team works. From developing “Smarketing” strategies, to creating a company Inbound culture, we need to get participation from everyone. It’s a lot of work, but isn’t your business worth it?
  • You just want a social media guru or ninja… “Run our accounts please”: Sure, we will help you build strategies around developing a social media plan, but we are not here to be the voice of your business (though we will help you develop it). That dear business owner is for you. No one knows your business better. Besides, social is only one part of the Inbound methodologies, a very important one. But it is not, nor ever will be the end all be all when it comes to your marketing campaign.
  • You do not see the big picture as it relates to inbound marketing for your business: If that is your challenge, we would love to help. But we want to work with the best. The companies who know they are the best, and are hard-working and 100% committed to make massive change. Companies that are willing to do the homework, the actual work, and reap the benefits. That’s when it is win-win!

That’s about it… it’s not a huge list, but we hope you understand why we say this up front.

We know businesses are in different stages at different times. If there are challenges that you have, particularly any of the above, let us know. If we can help, that is what we are here for. If not, no hard feelings.

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