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Why is it Necessary to have a Solid Digital Marketing Strategy?

April 4th, 2018 | 2 min read

By Darin "Doc" Berntson

Why is it Necessary to have a Solid Digital Marketing Strategy?

There is no shortage of digital marketing methods available today.

However, successful digital marketing requires more than using a multitude of platforms. Having a clear, concise strategy is essential for any type of marketing you may do. It is particularly important when using digital methods, because of the overwhelming amount of information and platforms available.

Here, we will answer the question, "Why is it necessary to have a solid digital marketing strategy?"


Without a strategy, it is difficult to set goals and allocate resources optimally. Additionally, you cannot measure the success of your campaigns without knowing your target. To know if you are on the right path, you must first understand your intended direction.

Understand Your Customer

Knowing your customer requires more than just crunching the numbers. While analytics are valuable, they are not the only factor... A good strategy incorporates other types of feedback tools to identify and address your weak points and strengths.

Successful marketing requires you to know what resonates with potential clients and what does not.

Conserve Resources

Duplicated information is a significant problem in many marketing departments. Without a strategy, you may find time and resources wasted on repeated tasks. Having a plan in place ensures that specific tasks are completed, by the correct people, at the right time.


Digital marketing is most successful when integrated with your traditional marketing methods. To accomplish this, you need a comprehensive strategy that incorporates all your areas of marketing.

Miscommunication and confusion are among the top problems that occur when businesses attempt campaigns without a plan to handle integration.

Know Your Market Share

You need a strategy to understand your place in the market. What is the demand for your product or service? What are the dynamics of the marketplace? This information is key to successful marketing, and you need a plan to gather, evaluate, and use this data.

Tips for Creating a Strategy

Below are a few tips to help you get started with developing a digital marketing plan. These tips are by no means a comprehensive guide. These are just some ideas to get the ball rolling.

  • Think of it as a marketing system, with multiple arms and platforms.
  • Determine your target audience. It is useful to develop "customer buyer personas." It is much easier to market when you know exactly whom you are trying to reach. This may seem obvious, but many companies overlook this crucial step. Casting a wide net does not work on the Internet.
  • Locate the online platforms where your specific demographic spends the most time. For example, you don't want to waste resources on Twitter, if your target audience is most active on Facebook.
  • Set smart goals. They should be specific, measurable, and attainable.
  • Write it down. Create a living document that can easily be augmented and expanded as your needs evolve.
  • Consider all the building blocks necessary for a successful digital marketing program.

The importance of a solid digital marketing strategy should not be underestimated. While we know many companies attempt to proceed without a plan, we are also equally sure most of them would be more successful with a strategy in place.

You wouldn't attempt a cross-country road trip without a map or GPS, would you? You need to know your destination, then determine the best way to get there. You can always course-correct along the way. However, without direction, you won't know when you are going the wrong way or taking the long route when you could have chosen a shortcut.

Take the time necessary to create a great plan. If coming up with a digital marketing strategy seems too daunting, consider getting outside assistance. Marketing consultants are not just for large companies anymore.

For more information and assistance in meeting your digital marketing needs, please contact us. We are happy to answer questions and provide guidance.

Darin "Doc" Berntson

Owner/Head Coach @ Bernco Media. Digital sales & marketing since 1997. Passion for teaching companies to be the most trusted voice in their space. They Ask, You Answer Certified Coach & HubSpot Certified Partner & Trainer. Reversed Type 2 Diabetes doing KETO. Wears Mickey Mouse Daily. Daydreaming of next Disneyland Trip.