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Google's Auto Ads Is New for Marketing Automation

June 4th, 2018 | 1 min read

By Darin "Doc" Berntson

Google's Auto Ads Is New for Marketing Automation

Google recently introduced Auto Ads for AdSense. This further pushes marketing automation for the ad service. If you know much about AdSense, you know that it's pretty well automated already. Google's new Auto Ads take this to the next level with machine learning. Basically, Auto Ads uses artificial intelligence to read the webpage a publisher wants to have ads on. It then determines how many and where those ads should run on the page. This is good news for both publishers and advertisers.

Why It's Good for Publishers

Google AdSense was already an easy way for digital publishers to monetize their sites. That said, those publishers still had to optimize the ads to get the best chance of them converting. With Auto Ads, Google takes responsibility for ad placement. This means there's less work for the publisher, giving them more time to focus on other things, like creating content, distributing content, or working on connections and gaining additional traffic.

Why It's Good for Advertisers

Auto Ads might only seem like big news to publishers, but it's a good thing for advertisers as well. The automated nature of the optimization of ads on a webpage means that those ads should perform better. This means that your ads have less chance of getting ignored by prospective customers, which means the money you put towards Google's ads is better spent.

Downsides to Auto Ads

There aren't many downsides to Google's new Auto Ads. The only downside noted in the Beta testing that the company did, according to Marketing Tech News, was that some publishers weren't thrilled with the number or placement of ads. Those publishers thought the Auto Ads impeded the user experience. It's likely, though, that as Auto Ads develop, Google will find a way to satisfy both the publishers and the advertisers with its marketing automation solution.

Darin "Doc" Berntson

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